There’s never a good time for your vehicle’s air conditioning to give out. While it’s a common misconception that the system takes a long siesta three months of the year, technically it’s not so. On those frigid Chesterfield, MO winter mornings when you start your Jeep, or when you start your Chrysler up after work in St. Peters MO, your defroster depends on cool air-conditioned air to reduce the humidity in the cabin so it can clear your foggy windshield. So while your A/C is responsible for cooling your body, even more important, it’s instrumental in maintaining a clear windshield. That’s why it’s imperative to your safe driving that at the first sign of trouble, you bring it to Lou Fusz Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram for an air-conditioning service. Chrysler Service Center.

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While you may expect to hear that the reason your air conditioner has given up the ghost is that it has run out of refrigerant, it may also be the result of life on the road. Everyday driving comes with a lot of jarring effects that take a toll on the components of the A/C system and weaken them. Bumping a curb now and then, hitting a pothole, even putting the pedal to the metal has a domino effect, not to mention if you were involved in a collision. Hoses crack, liquids leak, seals deteriorate, and fans chip. Dodge Service Center.

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Just think how long your home air conditioner would go without any problems if you bumped and jarred it for hours at a time, each day! How long would you wait before calling the HVAC repair service if you even noticed the beginning signs that it was failing? Well, unless you want to risk having to drive home on the hottest most humid day St. Louis, MO has to offer, your best bet is to bring it here to Lou Fusz Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram and let one of our skilled technicians have a look. Our experienced team of technicians has the latest in diagnostic tools to pinpoint the problem, and the state-of-the-art equipment to have it up and cooling like new. Ram Service Center.

No matter what the problem is, or even if your car is performing like a baby and it only needs a recommended maintenance service, Lou Fusz in O’Fallon MO is the place to bring it. We’re a Missouri authorized state inspection center and a service contract recommended dealer. We’re also the place to buy genuine Mopar accessories and Mopar performance parts. Plus we make it convenient. We offer shuttle service as well as rental cars if you can’t spare the time to wait for your car. Should you prefer to wait in our comfortable lounge, you can keep up with work using our free Wi-Fi. Chrysler Service Center.

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