Mopar Cabin Air Filter Replacement Service in St. Louis

Rotor Resurfacing vs. Replacement

Most late model cars have a cabin air filter, and it should be changed every year or so. The air filter cleans air that comes into the car through the heater, air conditioner, or the ventilation system. Chrysler service center. Many people may not be aware of this filter, but our service department in O'Fallon MO wants to clear the air about them.

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What does a Cabin Air Filter do?

Cabin Air filters can help on dusty roads, or even keep out things that could cause your allergies to act up during the season. Most car makers suggest changing the filter every 12,000 to 15,000 miles, or once per year. In very dusty areas or urban areas with low air quality, you may need to more often. These filters are sometimes located behind the glove box. Some are under the dashboard and hard to reach.

If you are getting more noise and not much air through your vents, your filter likely needs to be changed. A smell can also be an indication the filter needs changing. This is a filter that has to be changed. It is not one that you can clean and reuse. Ram service center. Even without symptoms, it is a good idea to get this checked every year just to make sure.

What happens if I do not change my Cabin Air Filter?

If you don't get the filter changed, you will start to get less air through the ventilation system. The filter will gradually clog up the system so less air comes out. It could also harbor mold and that could become a health issue. It probably won't hurt your car, but your heater and air conditioner will not work as well over time. St. Louis Dodge service center.

Lou Fusz Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Service Center in St. Louis

Some people like to change their engine and cabin air filters themselves, but getting it done at the Lou Fusz Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram service department could end up saving you time and effort. Some filters are hard to reach. Your local dealer could check the filter when you have yearly maintenance done on your car or truck. You can also be assured you are getting the right filter for your car, and that you are getting original manufacturer's parts.

Lou Fusz Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram services the O'Fallon MO area, including St. Louis, MO, St. Peter's MO, and Chesterfield MO. You can drop your car off and take advantage of our shuttle service. We have all genuine Mopar performance parts. You may also wait while your car is being serviced. Use our free WiFi while you wait. Your car's ventilation system will breathe easier and you will too after we have serviced your vehicle.

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