Transfer Case Service

The transfer case is a unique gearbox that is in four-wheel drive and some all-wheel drive vehicles. It brings the power from the engine to the front axles. Transfer case fluid works similarly to an oil change in that the transfer case fluid lubricates the transfer case and pulls heat away from the gears.

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When to Replace Transfer Case Fluid

Manufacturers had different recommendations on when to get a transfer case fluid replacement, but it’s generally a safe bet that every 30,000 it will need to be replaced. This service might need to take place more often if your vehicle is used to tow often or it goes off-roading often. Care might need to be addressed sooner if there is difficulty shifting gears or the transfer case makes a grinding noise.

Risk of Neglecting the Transfer Case

If you decide not to take care of the transfer case, it could cause bigger issues down the road. The transfer case will eventually fail and you might not be able to drive your vehicle at all. At the very least the all-wheel or four-wheel drive function won’t work in your vehicle.

Schedule Your Transfer Case Service at St. Louis Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Service Center

If you feel that your transfer case needs to be checked out bring your vehicle to the St. Louis Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Service Center. Our trained professionals will be able to take a look, exchange the transfer case fluid and provide any additional assistance as needed. Schedule your appointment today!

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